About Mad's Streetwear

In 2009 I started with the concrete idea of building my own shop. Hard work and sleepless nights were my daily routine for the next nine months.

In september 2010 I finally opened Mad’s with a big opening party, a lot of friends and local skaters and Dj’s. Mad’s established it ́s name in „Unterland“ Southtyrol. The client stock was and is raising constantly, also due to events I hosted – slackline evening with former World Champion Lukas Huber and Mad’s – streetfashion -show.

Mad’s is not only a fashionpoint, but also a strong partner with ComeUp! (Trend – sport – association) trying to establish trend-sport activities in „Unterland“. Therefore we build an indoor miniramp to push skateboarding. I also support young and motivated guys like Michael Augustin and Simon von Malfer (Skateboard), Morris Ferrari (Skate – and Snowboard) and Benjamin Kofler (Slack – and Highline). In order to connect with the rest of the world a decent onlineshop is essential.

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Since I was a little boy I dreamed of beeing my own boss. Before i could realize my dream I worked at an interior design house.
I am a rather active guy – skateboarding, surfing, alpine sports, are just some of the sports I like to perform. Not only the active aspect is what I love about sports, but also the social aspects of them. I like to be surrounded by people who share the same interests and with whom I can create something and push things forward. Thats why I am an active part of ComeUp! (Trend – sport – association), which tries to give the young generation a chance to get in touch with new sports and trend activities. I also like to party, to go out with friends and dance to good music.

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